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How To Clean Painted Walls So they Continue To Look Amazing

How to clean painted walls starts with checking the paint type. Then dust, line the area below it with towels, fill buckets, and clean.

Find the full process and more below-

Our Wall Is A Dalmatian

“What? Oh, because it has all those spots on it,” realizes David.

“Exactly,” agrees Stephanie. “Smudges, marks, spots, they’re all there. I don’t know how long most of them have been there but they need to be gone.”

David nods. “I don’t want them there either. I’ll go get… actually, I don’t know what we need to clean walls. How do you go about cleaning a painted wall? Accidentally damaging our wall paint is not on my to-do list today.”

Stephanie chuckles dryly. “Mine either. Let’s look up how to clean painted walls safely on Google. It worked when we were looking up how to prepare walls for painting.”

Stephanie gets out her phone and starts typing into Google. Here is what she ends up finding:

11 Steps To Cleaning Painted Walls

  1. Check the paint type
  2. Grab 2 small buckets, towels, a duster, a sponge, a quarter cup of dish soap, warm water, and a non-ammoniated cleaner for tougher spots
  3. Clear the area in front of where you’re cleaning
  4. Lightly dust the area
  5. Line the area below with towels
  6. Fill one pail with warm water
  7. Fill the other pail with warm water and a quarter cup of dish soap
  8. Lightly scrub your walls with the soapy water from the bottom up
  9. Gently wash with a damp rag dipped in warm water
  10. Lightly dry
  11. Use the non-ammoniated cleaner if necessary

What Else You Need To Know

Knowing the type of paint before you clean could be the difference between cleaning your walls and damaging them.

Flat, or matte, and eggshell finishes are hard to clean. Scrubbing too much or too hard can damage the paint. You need to use a gentle hand or it can start peeling. Satin, semi-gloss, and glossy paints are more durable. You’ll still not want to scrub too hard.

Don’t use cleaning products with ammonia. It can soften latex paint which makes it easier to damage.