Most painters have learned the correct language to use when spelling out a quote. We also know all of the correct steps needed to do a great job.

The difference comes in the execution of the actual job. Many of the steps can be overlooked or outright ignored since they are not visible after the paint is actually applied. I demand that my guys never skip, cheat or ignore any of the preparation steps.

I was trained by an old-world craftsman back in 1980. *** Winkleman instilled in me the importance of a superior job, and it has become part of my core being. I know what to look for and can appreciate the many little things we can do that will provide a longer lasting job for you.

Of course doing everything to this level takes more time. My prices will reflect this. There are many ways to cut or cheat the scope of work. Can you trust your contractor to do thorough and complete prep even if you don’t see it?


Will the same prep be accomplished…

  • In tall areas? Areas you can’t easily see?
  • Will thorough sanding be done?
  • In all the peeling areas?
  • In areas that are not peeling but just cracked open?Will long lasting primers be used on raw wood?
    • Is the primer oil fortified or oil-based?
    • Will even the smallest bare spots primed?


    Will your contractor have ladders tall enough to reach everything?

    • Do they just shoot the paint up to the tall areas?
    • How can it be inspected for peeling if you can’t face it?
    • Do they just try to wash the peeling paint away?
    • How can they caulk and fill cracks if they can’t reach it?


    Will they back roll or back brush both coats?

    • Will this actually be done when you can’t see because your windows are masked up?
    • Is enough paint applied so that it’s wet enough to work into the surface?
    • Is enough paint applied to make the manufactures warranty valid?


    Will the contractor add water to the paint?

    • Will it be applied heavy enough?
    • Even a little water changes the chemistry of the paint.
    • A quality sprayer does not need the paint to be thinned to spray.
    • Watered down paint fades quicker.
    • Watered down paint greatly reduces the initial price of the job.


    Why choose Pinon Painting?

    • If you’re planning to stay in your home longer than 3 or 4 years.
    • You want a paint job to look better, and last longer.
    • You appreciate a higher level of craftsmanship.
    • You want a polite, courteous and service-orientated company.
    • Background checks and drug testing is important for someone working on or in your home.
    • You can be confident that no sub-contractors are used.


    All this means that you want someone dedicated to integrity…

    • Someone that will look after your best interests above profit.
    • Someone that treats your home as if it was their own.
    • Someone who takes your paint job personally.