I get asked this a lot and top quality paint is a must for any paint job to last. Top quality is not a brand issue. Every paint company offers different grades of paint at many different price points. These different grades of paint are offered for different reasons.

Some of the cheaper paints are formulated to touch-up well. If you have your original paint on your home, whether it is interior or exterior, the paint grade was probably selected because it touches up well. Being cheaper also helps the contractor. A lower grade of paint doesn’t hold its color well, is less durable, attracts dirt and is less flexible. A top-of-the-line paint product will offer better color retention; even in our climate with the strong UV rays. It will not attract dirt and will resist dirt pick-up so your home looks fresher longer. Best grade paints will also hold their sheen longer. This also aids in resisting dirt pickup. And lastly, for best durability, the coating remains flexible longer. When a coating is flexible it resists cracking, which permits water to get behind the coating. Since 95% of all paint failures are caused from moisture getting behind the coating, this is essential.

I have never come across a top-of-the-line product while looking through new customers touch-up paint. In the Prescott market it appears to be typical practice to sell and push the lower grades of paint. When I moved here, Sherwin Williams and Frazee did not even stock a lot of their premium line. They normally would not have enough in the store to do an average home here. This has changed, since I won’t use their lower grade products.

By and large, new construction painters reduce their paint with water in Prescott. If you start with a low grade of paint and change the chemistry by adding water, you get an even lower grade of paint. This does not benefit the homeowner. You lose color retention, sheen retention, and flexibility even more. You never had dirt resistance with the lower grade. A low grade exterior paint is probably only safe for 2-3 years. When you see color change, fading and dirt topqualitypaintpick-up; paint failures are on their way. We have been using Sherwin Williams Super Paint Satin, Frazee Mirro Glide Low Sheen and Dunn Edwards Enduracryl. These are equal products in my opinion and are priced fairly similar. Home Depot and Lowes carry some products that rate very well in Consumer Reports but, there is no local paint rep to handle issues if problems arise.

Experience has told me that about every year and a half, I will have an issue with the actual paint. It is essential to have local representation from the paint manufacturer to arrive at a speedy solution to the problem.

At Pinon Painting superior quality service using high-grade products is a constant our customers can rely on. I’ve found over the years, that while I may not be the least expensive contractor when you’re shopping to have your house painted, I am most certainly one of the most experienced and dedicated to exceptional quality. Because of this, my customers enjoy long-lasting beauty and protection in one of their biggest investments- their homes.