When you should paint your home is different for each home. The answer to this question depends on many different things. When was your home painted the last time? Was top quality paint used? Was the paint watered down? Was the prep work done extensively enough? Was the home washed with detergent? Was the raw wood moisture checked before applying primers or stain? There is no standard rule for when each home should be painted. The obvious sign is peeling paint. But, before that happens there are other signs to look for. Is the paint fading or discoloring? Is it losing its sheen? These are early indicators of paint starting to break down, and this is the time to paint. Is there cracking that will allow moisture to get in and cause damage? If you wait much longer, peeling will follow and so will damage and subsequent higher costs to bring your home back into top condition.

We spend a lot of time and effort to prepare a house correctly. And time is money. If we can be called in to paint before it starts to peel, the project will be less expensive. Also, if the home has been left too long, it will require two coats adding to the expense. We have painted many homes that are only two years old. All of them were fading and discoloring. One of them had over fifteen hours of scraping, sanding and spot priming. This would have been an excessive amount of prep for an eight year old home. We have also painted homes that have had paint jobs that are 8-13 years old. And they looked remarkably well for their age. These homes needed painting, but they aged well. If the home is painted or prepped well from the beginning, it will last longer. Also, homes that are in protected settings last longer.

Stucco homes should never be allowed to show cracking, especially on the sides that rain hits. I can only guess at how long your paint job should last. I hope that the work we perform will look new for 6-8 years. And it may last longer. Certain areas will always need some attention every 2-3 years. I feel that when your paint job looks dull or discolored; it is time to paint. Let us paint before you see peeling or cracking. If your stucco home gets darker when it is wet then it is time to paint. That means it is absorbing water or moisture and that is harmful to the stucco itself.

We use only top-of-the-line paints, and most of them come with a 25-30 year material warranty. Of course you can’t expect anywhere near that life expectancy from the paint. A material warranty is mostly a marketing ploy. And lastly, I always get asked: when is the best time to paint? My standard answer is; when the temperature is above 35 degrees and warming and when I have a moisture content of 18 percent or less. That happens about every day in Prescott. Some of the paint we use can be safely applied down to 35 degrees. And the low humidity here dries everything out very fast. But, to be sure, we always moisture check. In Prescott, there really isn’t a best time. And that is probably the main reason most of us have moved here. Every day is perfect here in Prescott. Especially if you moved from Ohio.