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This is the Best Exterior Paint for Any Home Painting Project

It’s not the answer you are expecting, but it’s the truth. The best exterior paint for any home project is simply that- the best quality.

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What Paint Do We Use?

“Paint made for exterior stucco?” guesses David.

A pained look flashes across Stephanie’s face. “Yes, that’s correct, but I meant more specifically. What’s the best exterior paint for us to use?”

David frowns and rubs his chin. “I have no idea. We could call some professional painters and see if they’ll tell us which paint to use. It’s probably an oil vs latex paint for homes kind of deal.”

Melissa nods and looks thoughtful. “That’s a good plan B, but I don’t really want to interrupt their day with a question when we might not hire anyone. Let’s try Google first.” David whips out his phone and starts searching on Google. Melissa walks over so she can read on with him.

Here is what the couple finds:

The Best Exterior Paint

The next exterior paint is simply the highest quality paint you can find for your project. It doesn’t matter if you’re painting wood, stucco, or any other material. If you use the best paint you will get the best look. This goes for any brand, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

High vs Low Quality Paints

High-Quality Paints

The best exterior paint has better color retention, even in our climate with those strong UV rays. It won’t attract dirt and resists dirt pick-up so your home looks fresher for longer. Best grade paints also hold their sheen longer, aiding in resisting dirt pickup.

The coating remains flexible longer, increasing durability. When a coating is flexible it resists cracking, which allows water to get behind the coating. Since 95% of all paint failures are caused by moisture getting behind the coating, this is essential.

Low-Quality Paints

A lot of painters around here like to use lower quality paint. It’s cheaper than the best exterior paint, which helps keep project costs down. While they can touch-up well, the cheap paints aren’t worth it.

A low-quality paint won’t hold its color well, is less durable, attracts dirt, and is less flexible. In short, this means you’ll be paying a painter to paint your home more often.

Don’t let a contractor use elastomeric paint. There are several reasons elastomeric paint is bad for our area.

The Paints Pinon Uses

We are currently using Sherwin Williams Super Paint, Dunn Edwards Eversheild, and Benjamin Moore Aura.

These are equal products in my opinion and are priced fairly similar. Home Depot and Lowes carry some products that rate very well in Consumer Reports, but there is no local paint rep to handle issues if problems arise.

Experience has told me that about every year and a half I will have an issue with the actual paint. It is essential to have local representation from the paint manufacturer to arrive at a speedy solution to the problem.