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The True Cost to Paint a House Interior Beautifully in Prescott

The cost to paint a house interior can range from $330 and higher for one room. It depends on your specific project and certain cost factors.

Find out the specifics below-

It’s Time To Start Fresh

“Aren’t you a little tired of this look?” asks David

“What do you mean?! What’s wrong?” Stephanie says in concern. David sighs. “We’ve had the same interior wall color for years now. Isn’t it about time to change it up?”

Stephanie pauses while she looks at the walls. “You know, you might be onto something. It has been years and we have the money to do it now. So sure, why don’t we change up the look!”

David smiles excitedly. “I’m so glad you agree! I’ve actually been doing some research on the cost to paint a house interior. I found a local painter who has pricing listed out on a blog post. Here, take a look.” David holds out his phone.

Here is what Stephanie sees:

Interior House Painting Costs

The cost to paint a house interior can range from about $330 to $3,900 and up. It depends on what your project is, how complex it is, and what options you choose. The following examples are for a normal bedroom size of 12-by-14 feet:

A 2-story foyer costs $440 for one coat and $590 for two coats.

Kitchen cabinets are a whole different beast to paint. It takes a long and complex process along with a fair amount of skill to do correctly. Everything from preparation to painting to installing needs to be perfect.

This is why painting kitchen cabinets is more of an investment than painting other interior areas.

When painting over paint with 1 coat it can cost $1,500 to $2,500. Painting over stain is a minimum of $3,900 because it takes 3 coats of paint.

Touching up and applying a clear coat is $2,500.