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The Cost To Stain The Exterior Of Your House So you’ll Love The Look Again

Looking up the cost for something is the first step many people take (it’s a good first step). In this post, you’ll find out the cost to stain your wood home. You’ll also discover why the price is different than painting and the main factors that can change the cost.

It’s Fading Away!

“Who, what, huh?” says Stephanie in surprise.

David stalks into the kitchen, a slight frown on his face. “It’s fading away! The stain on our house exterior is disappearing. It’s old and worn down from years of sun and weather.”

Stephanie clicks her tongue in annoyance. “Looks like we need to restain it, finally. Guess it’s time we look up the cost to stain the exterior of the house. Worked when we were deciding between painting vs staining a home.” She gets her phone out and starts looking for answers on Google.

David sighs and plops down at the kitchen table. “Why not see if any local painting contractors have a pricing blog or something?” Stephanie nods and continues looking.

“Aha! Your suggestion was a good one. Here’s a whole blog post on how much it costs to stain an exterior. Let’s check it out:”

The Cost To Stain The Exterior Of A House

The cost to stain the exterior of a house ranges from $3,000 to $10,000 and higher. It depends on house size, type of stain, damages, number of coats, and if you want to stain your fascia and eaves too.

The typical cost to stain using two coats:

The Cost Factors

House size. Larger homes take more time, materials, and labor to paint. If your house is more than one story tall it makes it more dangerous to paint. We need to pay our team fairly for climbing up two or more stories to paint.

Type of stain. With semi-transparent stains, there’s no need for scraping or sanding. This cuts down the amount of labor and time it takes to finish your project. Solid stains need sanding and maybe scraping. This is because it’s more like paint.

Damages. If you have any damages we’ll let you know immediately. They need fixing before we can continue. Left alone, the damage will only get worse and be costlier to fix. If your solid stain is peeling it can add another $500 to $2,000 depending on how bad it is. It takes a lot more time and labor to scrape stain off. It needs to be done or the new stain won’t last nearly as long.

Number of coats. You can choose to only have us apply only one coat of stain. It’ll save you about $1,000 to $2,000. Since it’s only one coat, you may have to bring us out to stain it again sooner rather than later.

Staining fascia and eaves too. Staining these parts of your home exterior is extra because they aren’t walls. They require a more detailed approach too. Staining fascia can cost $800 to $1,200 and staining eaves can cost $1,600 to $2,400.

Staining does take fewer materials than painting, so you’ll save some money there. For example, stucco homes can take 30 to 60 gallons of paint. Staining a wood home can take 15 to 30 gallons.