How To Paint Hardie Plank Siding So You’ll Love The Look

Find Out How Home Painters Should Paint Fiber Cement Siding In Prescott
House with Hardie plank siding

Painting Hardie plank siding is like painting most any other home exterior. There are a couple of extra steps that may need to happen.

Find the steps and more below-

Well This Isn’t Good

“What’s not good?!” David asks in concern.

Stephanie sighs and points. “Our Hardie plank siding isn’t looking great. I think we need to repaint it. Otherwise, it’ll start looking really bad or even become damaged.”

David nods in agreement. “Ok, do you want to look up how to paint Hardie plank siding and DIY it? Or should we look up the cost to have our exterior painted?” Stephanie pulls out her phone. “How about I look up the how-to and you look up local painters?”

David pulls out his phone and they both get to searching. “Here we go! This is how to paint fiber cement siding,” says Stephanie.

Here is what she shows to David:

How To Paint Hardie Plank

  1. Clean fiber cement siding with a pressure washer
  2. Make any repairs as needed
  3. Mask anything not being painted
  4. Paint Hardie plank siding with sprayer

The cleaning gets off the dirt, dust, and other gunk. This gunk would otherwise get between the paint and the siding. That would keep the paint from sticking as well and it’d start peeling quickly.

Fiber cement siding can have some problems. These need fixing before painting or your house won’t look as good as it should. It might be good to know how to repair and maintain fiber cement siding.

Here’s a video of the owner of Pinon Painting dropping some knowledge about fiber cement siding:

Extra Steps Painters May Need To Take

Part of how to paint Hardie plank siding can involve repairing damages. This means you’ll need to take extra steps. They may include caulking any opened butt joints or nailing down any loose panels to the studs.

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“I mean, we could probably touch it up ourselves pretty easily. As for painting the whole exterior, no way,” says David. Stephanie agrees. “Let’s see what else we can find out about our siding.”