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How To Paint Bathrooms With The Best Bathroom Paint

Create the best atmosphere for your bathroom using the colors that speak to you the most

The colors in your bathroom aren’t working for you anymore. They no longer give you the same relaxing feeling as they used to. You need a new bathroom paint color so you can feel comfortable in your bathroom again.

Or, maybe it’s time to give your bathroom a facelift by painting it more modern colors. It’s part of the process of remodeling your bathroom so you can love it again.

Whatever your reason, Pinon Painting can help you transform the look of your bathroom so it looks how you need it to.

As the premier painting company in the Prescott, Arizona area, you’ll get more than an incredible-looking bathroom; you’ll get a wonderful experience along with it.

Here’s how we paint bathrooms for our clients:

How To Paint A Bathroom

1. Choose the best bathroom paint

The best paint for a bathroom is one that is mold-resistant and moisture-resistant.

You’ll see brands advertising bathroom-specific paint, so it’ll be easy to find. If you don’t find one you want, go for higher-quality paint. It’ll last longer in bathrooms than cheaper paints.

Glossier paints do better because they do a better job of repelling moisture. They do make imperfections in the wall easier to see, though. Eggshell finishes don’t do this and do a decent job in bathrooms.

2. Find out how much paint you’ll need

You can use this calculator to find out how much bathroom paint you’ll need:

3. Clean surfaces

Bathroom walls become covered in dust, oils, and other substances.

These substances get in between the paint and the wall, making the paint fail faster. You can help prevent this by cleaning the walls with warm water mixed with trisodium phosphate.

4. Remove obstructions

Painting bathrooms can be hard enough if they’re smaller because there isn’t a lot of room, and there are a lot of obstacles.

You’ll want to remove the toilet tank, outlet covers, light switch covers, mirrors, vent grills, towel racks, and anything that’s on your walls. If you can move it, we suggest moving it. It’ll make it easier to paint, and you don’t want to get bathroom paint on anything except your walls.

Removing the toilet tank isn’t too complicated. It makes painting the area behind it way easier as it’s almost impossible to do it well while the toilet is in the way.

5. Cover and tape what you aren’t painting

You’ll want to keep paint off of what you aren’t painting.

This means using painter’s tape on the trim, baseboards, backsplash, door frames, and other areas. You can drape drop cloths on the floor, vanity, shower, and other areas.

6. Start painting with the bathroom paint

Take a 2-inch sash brush and paint a border along the painter’s tape. It’s like creating an outline to paint inside of.

Then, take your paint and pour it into the paint tray. Dip in your paint roller and roll it out on the upper part of the tray. This gets the extra paint out, which helps prevent drips.

Paint a “W” shape in a 2-foot by 2-foot square area using angled strokes. Then fill in the blank areas using roughly parallel strokes with the roller. Move to a spot next to it and repeat.

Wait a few hours for the paint to dry, and repeat this step. 

Two coats are best because they hide the original paint color, look better, and are more durable.

7. Clean and finishing touches

After the second coat dries, take off the painter’s tape, pick up the drop cloths, and put everything back where it goes.

Now you can enjoy your bathroom’s new look!

Use Pinon Painting To Get The Best Looking Bathroom!

This is the basic process for how any professional painter should paint a bathroom. You can also follow these steps to get a bathroom that looks as amazing as you are.

Contact us when you want to talk about your bathroom painting project. Or, check out our interior painting page for more information.