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Exterior Painting

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    Exterior Painting

    A Great Paint Job Starts with Great Prep

    Many painting companies only do their inspections from ground level, which can lead to problems that you may never even notice. Our team knows the importance of carefully inspecting surfaces before we even pick up a brush or roller. We carefully inspect each area of your home's exterior prior to painting, including what's visible from ground level, as well as from ladders to ensure each area to be painted is fully inspected and prepped accordingly to ensure a high quality finish.

    Our team first starts by spraying a detergent onto your home's exterior and using a power washer to wash the exterior of your home, sanding the exterior surfaces to remove any compromised coatings before we paint. This ensures that when we drive by years later, your home still looks great and will continue to for years to come.

    Over 20 years of Exterior Painting Experience

    At Pinon Painting, you receive a dedicated painting crew specifically for your project. This crew is dedicated to your project and doesn't leave to work on other projects. Our team comes equipped with multiple checklists that we've developed over the years to ensure each stage of the project goes off without a hitch.

    On each project, Jimmy, our founder or Drew, Jimmy's son, will be on site at least once per day to inspect the progress and ensure our high quality standards are being followed each step of the way. We only hire full-time, experienced painters and never use subcontractors or cash workers for any of our projects. This ensures we can provided the same high level of quality on every exterior we paint.

    Our Exterior Painting Process

    Estimate & Consultation

    Give us a call, fill out our estimate form, or drop by our office to discuss your project. We'll schedule a time to visit your home and go over the details of the project with you, and provide you an estimate on the spot.

    Quality Painting

    Once the estimate has been approved and your project scheduled, our team begins with a complete walkthrough and preparation work, leaving no stone unturned. We want to ensure the highest quality end result, and that starts with strict attention to detail during preparation.

    Client Care

    Once your project is completed, we don't stop there. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new paint for years to come. We will address any issues that may arise to ensure your paint job is only the highest quality available.