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Choosing The Best Bathroom Paint

Perhaps you’re tired of seeing the same bathroom paint and want to redesign your space entirely. Maybe you’ve stared at the same bathroom walls for the past several years. Your outdated wallpaper is peeling, and you need a dependable coat of paint to replace it.

Are you thinking about painting your bathroom? With many available types of paint, knowing what bathroom paint to select can be intimidating. Today’s advancements in interior paint mean you have options ideal for painting bathroom walls.

Pinon Painting in Prescott, AZ, can help you choose the best type of paint for your bathroom. We are the top painting company in the area. You get expert advice, precise painting, and detail-oriented painters by working with us. Read on to learn more about bathroom paint options.

Bathroom Paint Colors

Your appearance could look inaccurate in the mirror depending on the paint color you choose. While you can paint your bathroom any color, the most popular options are white, gray, and pastel colors. These colors remain the popular choice as they cause no irregular tints or sheens.

Many painting companies recommend staying away from bright, cool colors. These colors may make your skin look darker or make certain features stand out more. The paint finish is equally important when considering paint colors, as matte versus glossy paint will have different effects.

Best Types Of Bathroom Paint

Bathrooms have specific issues that don’t arise elsewhere in the house. Moisture from steam encourages mold growth in bathrooms regardless of size. Because of this, you shouldn’t use traditional wall or ceiling paint in your bathroom.

The type of paint you choose for your bathroom is vital. Many paint finishes are available, including primers, matte paint, mildew-resistant paint, water-resistant paint, and glossy paint.

1. Bathroom Primer

Cleaning the walls and applying primer is the first step to painting your bathroom. Primer seals porous walls and gives the paint a solid layer for bonding. If your bathroom previously had dark paint, interior paint primer will cover it adequately, so you don’t need as many layers of paint.

Primer also prevents bathroom paint from peeling. Some primers have mildew prevention additives that keep your wall paint in good condition for extended periods. Choose a thick bathroom primer to ensure maximum coverage.

2. Matte Bathroom Paint

While not as popular as glossy paint, matte paint can work for some bathrooms. Selecting the right flat paint is essential, as most matte paints mildew quickly. Thanks to technology’s advancements, a generous selection of matte bathroom paint resists mold and mildew.

Choose a defensive matte paint to prevent mildewing or consider eggshell for a cracked look. Look for ones that say “bath” on the label or find a stain-resistant one.

3. Waterproof Or Moisture-Repelling Paint

Because moisture is a significant problem for bathroom paint, professionals recommend waterproof or moisture-resistant paint. Protect bathroom walls from water with paints specific for bath and spa settings. These paints provide a matte look while withstanding force from cleaning.

If you’re painting over tile, waterproof paint and primer are necessary for your project’s success. Choose a powerful-bonding primer to ensure paint sticks to even the most difficult tile surfaces. You’ll need epoxy-type water-resistant paint.

4. Mildew-Resistant Bathroom Paint

In the bathroom, you’re bound to get the wall paint wet. Mold and mildew grow within 24 to 48 hours of a surface getting wet. Avoid having a smelly, mildew-filled bathroom by selecting mold and mildew-resistant bathroom paint.

Glossy paint was the leading choice to prevent mildew in bathrooms in previous times. Now, matte, antimicrobial paint creates a protective barrier that neutralizes mold spores. Choose high-performance paints to protect your bathroom walls from moisture and subsequent mold growth.

5. Semi-Gloss Paint For Bathrooms

Semi-gloss paint makes one of the best options for painting bathroom walls and other elements. Homeowners select this finish for its lower reflectiveness than glossier options and excellent cleaning ease. Satin and semi-glossy options in bath paints work well for ceilings, walls, and more.

Semi-gloss finish paint was standard for years as many people thought it provided more moisture resistance than other paint finishes. While it’s not untrue, different paint finishes can offer just as much moisture-fighting power. The glossier a paint, the less porous it is.

6. Glossy Or Full-Gloss Bathroom Paint

Prime and paint wooden cabinets with full-gloss paint to protect against moisture and create a dazzling aesthetic. Glossy finishes withstand water so well that condensation beads down bathroom walls and cabinets. This paint lasts long and is easy to clean.

Depending on your bathroom’s size, glossy paint may not be ideal for you. When moisture collects on walls with glossy paint, it’s common for the water droplets to fall to the floor. If your bathroom floor isn’t adequately protected, you could increase mold growth and damage your bathroom floor.

Painting Your Bathroom

Before applying bathroom paint, clean the walls with a water and bleach solution and prepare the area adequately with painter’s tape and drop cloths. Don’t forget to change into clothes you can get dirty.

Keep the entire area well-ventilated as you paint and wear a mask. Depending on your primer and the original walls’ paint color, you may need to apply multiple coats of paint.

Prescott’s desert-like climate may help your bathroom paint dry faster than in other areas. However, the glossier the finish, the longer it typically takes to dry. Leave bathroom windows open or put fans in the bathroom to dry the paint quicker.

Get the Most Beautiful Bathroom Paint Job With Pinon Painting

If you’re not confident in your painting abilities, don’t worry. Pinon Painting is the most reliable local painting company in Prescott, AZ. No matter your bathroom’s painting requirements, we’ll help you select the best paint finish and color for your space and paint your bathroom to perfection.

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