The Best Sheen Of Exterior Paint You Want For Your Home

This Paint Sheen For Exteriors Will Last Longer And Look Better On Your Prescott Home
Using the best sheen of paint for exteriors makes for a better look

You will want this sheen of exterior paint for your home because it won’t fade as quickly. It’s much better than using a flat sheen.

Find out the best sheens in the post below-

It’s Fading Already?!

“How, it’s only been 10 months?”

Daniel and Amanda just can’t understand it. How is their home’s exterior paint fading when they had it painted only 10 months ago?

Exterior walls looking like they desparately need new paint

“It has to be the type of paint or sheen. It’s not like we had crazy weather or anything that could cause it to fade and wear away faster,” Daniel reasons. “I don’t think the color is the problem. If anything I’d say it’s the type of paint sheen,” Amanda says.

“What makes you say that?” Daniel asks. “I can’t remember where I learned this but it seems like some sheens of paint don’t hold up as well on exteriors,” she replies.

Curious, Amanda pulls out her phone and searches ‘what sheen of exterior paint is best’ on Google.

Here is what she finds-

The Best Sheen Of Exterior Paint For Homes

The best sheen of exterior paint is anything shiny. Semi-gloss and satin paint sheens don’t fade as quickly, are water-resistant, easier to clean, hide imperfections well, and they look great on houses. Flat paints aren’t a great choice because they don’t have those benefits.

“And we chose a flat paint for our home,” Amanda sighs.

“Well, we won’t make that mistake again! So our best choices are semi-gloss and satin, huh? I wonder what the difference is?” Daniel asks.

Most people can’t tell the difference between satin and semi-gloss paint sheens. They either need to be right up close to it or be professional painters. 

Only The Best Paint This Time

“Now we’ve seen what happens when we don’t use the best paint. We have to find the best paint for our stucco exterior this time,” Amanda states firmly. Daniel agrees as Amanda starts researching.