The Best Paint, Stain, And Primer For Exterior Wood In Prescott

Find Out The Best Type Of Paint For Your Wood Siding Or Deck In Arizona
Wood home painted with the best paint for exterior wood

There really isn’t one best paint for exterior wood. As long as you use the right primer and high-quality acrylic paint it’ll turn out fine.

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The Best For The Best

“This Arizona weather is killing our wood exterior,” Stephanie moans.

David looks up from the food he’s cooking. “Is it? How so?” Stephanie leans against the kitchen counter. “It hasn’t even been that long since we last had it painted and it’s already damaged. It looked nice but now…”

“Maybe they used a lower or bad quality paint like elastomeric paint,” suggests David. Stephanie rolls her eyes. “Yeah, maybe. Before we paint it again I’m going to find out the best paint for exterior wood. Then this won’t happen again.”

Stephanie gets out her phone and starts looking on Google. Here is what she finds:

Best Paint And More For Exterior Wood

The best paint for exterior wood is acrylic paint with a satin or semi-gloss finish. Oil-fortified primers are the key to a better-looking and longer-lasting paint job. Semi-transparent and solid stains are both good choices but they need regular maintenance due to the Arizona weather.

Jimmy Cordier (Pinon owner) explains more in this video:

Acrylic paints are durable and flexible. Flexibility means it’ll expand and contract with the wood as the weather changes from hot to cold and back again.

The best finishes for exteriors are shinier finishes because they’re more water-resistant. This protects your exterior wood from water damage like rot.

The best paint for exterior wood still won’t work well without the right primer. Oil-fortified primers soak into the wood. This helps the paint stick better and last longer.

Prepping to paint or stain a wood home

The Thing About Staining Exterior Wood

Stained homes look amazing (I love the look on my house).

Wood home with a solid stain

But, in our blue skies, it’s not a long-lasting look. Semi-transparent stains need restaining every few years. Solid stains last longer but they will peel. Even if the preparations are perfect, solid stains will peel after a few years.

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“And how long any of this lasts pretty much depends on how much sunlight and bad weather it gets,” Stephanie ends. David sets a plate of food down next to her, asking “Is there anything else we need to know before we hire a painter?”