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⏩ What You Need to Know About Masking Windows

We see it all the time: bad tape jobs for newly constructed homes. You can typically see the results of bad tape jobs around the windows of your home. So what can you do about it?

Although most people think it’s easy to just wipe it with a solvent, or scrape it back – it’s a lot of work. Even so, it’s not always going to remove the paint. The best solution is to take the paint up to the highest point to create a nice, straight line all the way across.

In some cases, however, there might be blotches of paint on your windowsill. You don’t want to take the paint all the way that high, so we’d take a solvent to remove the blotch. Chances are, if you’ve got paint on your windowsill, it’s been sitting there for quite some time, baking in the sun. We can usually remove the paint to about 80-90%, and in some cases 100%, but it just depends on the type of paint and the amount of sun exposure it’s had.

If you’ve got questions about fixing a previous paint job, give us a call! We’d be happy to come out and assess the best solution for you, and give you a free estimate.


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David & Annie Kime

We are always pleased with the high quality of workmanship and politeness.

David & Annie Kime
Sally & Kal Jamsa

Terrific Job! We are very pleased!

Sally & Kal Jamsa
Jim and Sharon Dyson

Your company painted our exterior last year and did such a good job we didn’t consider any other company when we decided to paint inside.

Jim and Sharon Dyson
Prescott Gardens

Thank you so much - and for fitting us in on such short notice. It was perfect. Bill was very professional and showed pride in his work.

Prescott Gardens
J.R. Weinrich

Very professional, first class operation.

J.R. Weinrich

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