Before we paint the exterior of your home, we power wash your home so we have a nice, clean surface to paint.

When we wash your house, we’re going to spray a detergent on your home to loosen up the dust, chalk, and the years of dirt buildup.

Next, we’ll use the power washer to wash your home.

Our best advice to you is to avoid washing your windows anytime before we pressure wash your home.

Though we’ll try to keep your windows clean by rinsing and masking them, there will be a lot of dirt runoff that is unavoidable.

It’s important to wait until we’re done power washing the exterior of your home before getting your windows cleaned.

The next step is choosing the right paint.

See Jimmy’s video on choosing the best paint for your home in this video blog.

Feel free to contact us if you’ve got any more questions about preparing your home for pressure washing!