We get a lot of calls about deteriorating garage door weather strips.

There are a lot of issues that arise with garage door weather strips.

The first is that they start to pull from the bottom of the garage.

There’s not a lot of framing close to the ground, and there’s not a block of wood or anchor for the weather strip to attach to.

It’s normal to see the weather strip become loose.

The best solution for a peeling garage door weather strip is to re-attach it to a block of wood or put an anchor in.

If your garage door weather strip is made of wood, it’s always fragile finger jointed wood.

It will always peel, no matter how much sanding, primer, or paint we put on it, and is vulnerable to breakage.

At this point, it’s more cost effective to replace the weather strip with nice vinyl. This is pretty cheap, and will last a lot longer than a wooden weather strip.

The final step when installing the garage door weather strip is to caulk the weather strip to the stucco.

This will prevent any water from penetrating beneath the strip, causing further damage.

If you’re having issues with your garage door weather strip, give us a call.

We’ll come out and assess the next best step for your situation and give you an honest quote.