On Santa Fe style homes, you’ll see thick wooden headers above the windows. You can either paint it a solid color stain or painted, or have a semi-transparent finish. We typically prime it and add two color coats to it. If you prefer the semi-transparent finish, it’s important to mask the window and mask the header. You don’t want to just add paint to the header – that puts you on the fast track to water damage.

The harsh Arizona sun breaks down the exterior paint. When the paint goes flat, there is no protection between the wood and water. If the window’s frame is not properly sealed, there are entry points for water to cause damage beneath the surface.

It’s important to caulk around the window, and seal all around the header. Think of the window header as an extension of your window. If there’s a crack, it’s important to seal it off to avoid any moisture from seeping in and causing major damage.

If you’ve got further questions about taking care of the exterior of your Santa Fe home, give us a call! We’d be happy to come out and assess your needs.