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⏩ Should You Paint Your Wood Ceilings?

There are quite a few homes here in the Prescott area that have wood ceilings.

A lot of people ask us what measures we have to take to protect them and keep them in good condition.

In reality, your ceilings aren’t exposed to the sun and weather elements like the outside of your house is. Because of this, they’ll stay in great condition for decades and decades.

Our best advice is if your wood ceilings are in great shape and are clean, you don’t need to do anything to them.

If it’s for aesthetic purposes, we can put a coat on them and pretty them up; but it’s really a personal call, we leave it up to you.

If you’re looking to re-stain your wood ceilings or have questions about maintenance and care, give us a call!

We’d be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!


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Bob & Becky Bockrath, Prescott, AZ | Rated: 3 / 3

Pinon Painting LLC is Rated: 3 / 3
Based on this happy customer’s review.
Prep work was outstanding – no detail left unattended. Very professional staff; exceptional attention to detail and service.

Bob & Becky Bockrath, Prescott, AZ | Rated: 3 / 3
Fred & Nancy Bronsdon

A superior job from the estimate to completion of work. We are pleased to have such a competent and reliable service available in our community. Many thanks for a most professional job!

Fred & Nancy Bronsdon
Kathy & Dennis Zimdars

Marvelous painting!

Kathy & Dennis Zimdars
J.R. Weinrich

Very professional, first class operation.

J.R. Weinrich
Glenn Blanset

This is our 2nd time with Pinon Painting and both times were great.

Glenn Blanset

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