Every paint manufacturer and contractor has a product testing wall to expose, test and observe how well different paints hold up making it easier to determine which product is more stable, durable and reliable. Once you have acquired the knowledge from testing your products, it is easier to make an informed recommendation based on your own individual needs such as: color choice and surface type of your home.

Major paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Dunn-Edwards test in multiple parts of the country to determine the performance of their paint. However, they don’t exactly test a mile high above elevation. This poses a problem for everyone here who lives in Prescott. The elements are a little harsher here and the sun’s UV rays are intense, which can break down the paint quicker. In Phoenix, the pollution and dust cover helps protect the paint. Our blue skies fade out the paint quickly here.

Having the right paint for your environment can be the different of getting three or five years out of it, or getting eight to ten years. A lot of companies don’t test their paint products against the elements here in Prescott, which is what makes us unique. If you’re ready to talk about painting the outside of your home, give us a call! We’ll be able to come out and give you a fair estimate with quality paint that lasts.