Santa Fe Style homes are probably one of the highest maintenance homes here in Northern Arizona.

The surface of the parapet walls absorb heat quickly, causing the paint to go flat quicker than other surfaces.

When the paint goes flat, there is no barrier between moisture and the surface.

Then it starts to absorb moisture, causing freezing and thawing, and creating cracks from the inside out. If you see discolored streaks along your wall, those are cracks!

It’s not only important to wash and seal the cracks, but to also seal the walls with a waterproofer, along with a couple coats of satin finish on it.

This way, if the sun does break down the first couple coats of satin finish, there is a waterproof layer to protect your home from water damage.

This will prevent water from penetrating the walls, and prevent catastrophic damage in the future.

To learn more about trimming back plants before painting, see Jimmy’s video blog about cutting back plants.


If you’ve got any more questions about maintaining your Santa Fe home, give us a call! We’d be happy to come out, assess your home’s needs, and give you a free quote.