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⏩ How to Avoid Water Damage in Your Door Frames

Here in Northern Arizona, we’ve got a little bit of every weather element.

We have thunderstorms and heavy rains during monsoon season, snow flurries during the late winter months, and strong winds sporadically throughout the year.

All the while, your home is taking a beating!

Aside from the exterior of your home, your door frame is among the biggest maintenance issues we see.

When door jambs are assembled, the manufacturers typically never prime the bottom of the door frame, leaving raw wood exposed.

Because of this, moisture starts wicking up from the wood, popping the paint up, and causing the wood to rot.

No, you can’t take off your entire door frame, but you can caulk the bottom to avoid water damage.

Line the bottom of the door frame with caulk to lengthen the lifespan of your door frame, and bypass any future repairs that can be costly.

If you have any questions about maintaining door frames, or if you have concerns about damage that may have already been caused, give us a call!

We’re always happy to answer questions you may have.


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