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⏩ Hardie Plank Siding Repair

One of the best options for siding your home is Hardie® plank siding. 

At Pinon Painting we love James Hardie® siding because it holds paint well and stands up to weather, sun and other environmental factors.

Known for its long life, it will continue to be a popular option in the future.

Unfortunately, this excellent fiber cement siding may also cause problems for you if it has not received the appropriate maintenance or had incorrect installation.

Here we discuss when your siding needs repair and how to keep it looking like new for years to come.

History of Fiber Cement Siding

Founded in Australia, the James Hardie Company has spent over a century engineering and manufacturing building products that last. 

Since the 1980s builders have been able to use Hardie® plank and other products to help homeowners like you enjoy the beauty of your home.

The James Hardie® company created its original siding planks to look like wood products that had been in use for decades, but with lower maintenance.

The cement material used in the planks stands up to water in wet climates, as well as dry, hot or cold environments as well.

Common problems with Hardie® Siding

Hardie® Plank siding products last, but there are some common issues we see that usually need to be repaired before we are able to paint. 

Siding Shrinkage

Even though James Hardie® plank siding is made from cement, it tends to shrink up over time. 

When siding shrinks it causes a gap to form between the planks. The best way to fix these gaps is to clean the joint and then patch it with caulk.

This ensures that water and other elements cannot go past the patch between or behind the planks causing further damage.

Sometimes the siding will shrink again after caulk was previously used to patch the gap. 

Fixing this is as simple as repeating the process, cleaning the joint and adding more caulk to patch the gap.

This may be the only maintenance that is required between repainting your siding.

Siding Lifting off of Home

Another common maintenance issue occurs when the fiber cement siding lifts off your house. 

Siding planks commonly lift off of a home if they have been installed incorrectly, using countersunk screws or when a nail used to hold the plank down was not driven into a stud.

Other times intense wind or weather can cause the exterior siding to come loose.

The best way to repair siding that has lifted away from the house is by first pre-drilling a hole with the appropriate size masonry drill bit.

We then drive a ring shank nail through the siding and preferably into a stud behind it.

This ensures that the siding is securely anchored to the home and will not be damaged further.

Cracked Hardie® Plank Siding

If you have noticed cracks in your fiber cement siding there could be a few different causes.

The original installer might have accidentally installed a nail too close to the edge of the siding. This can damage the siding material causing a crack

Often times the crack won’t appear immediately during installation, but instead over time, you will see the siding crack. 

At Pinon Painting we can clean the crack and then caulk will be used to patch the gap.

Improper Siding Installation

Improper installation tends to be the main cause of damaged siding leading to repair requests. 

We recommend you find a certified installer to install your siding to prevent costly repairs down the road.

Siding that is not installed into studs has been known to drop a few inches or come off one side altogether.

With our years of experience, we can fix the most common exterior siding issues.

Proper Hardie® Plank Maintenance

Maintaining your Hardie® plank siding takes only a few simple steps to ensure it stays looking great.

  • Clean dirt and other debris off the outside of your house with a garden hose once or twice a year. You can use a soft cloth or use a brush and clean the planks in the direction they run.
  • Trim trees and other plants away from your home so that they do not prematurely wear areas of your siding material down with excessive rubbing.
  • Install gutters (if you don’t have them already) to route water away from your siding.
  • Keep gutters clear so that water does not build up in certain areas causing damage.
  • Have your siding repainted every 8-10 years by the pros at Pinon Painting.

Get the Help you need from Painting Professionals

Whether it’s a large or small project we are your knowledgable caring professionals. 

From simple patch jobs to whole-home repainting we are here to help you.

Do you have questions about your siding? 

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