Garden walls or retaining walls are always going to be a problem maintaining. They’re always exposed to the sun, rain, and other harsh elements here in Prescott. We need to put a waterproofer on the garden wall, so that when the rain beats against it, or the snow sits on it, the moisture wicks off. Then, we need to topcoat it with paint.

Retaining walls must be waterproofed and top coated the right way from the beginning. If they have not been waterproofed (which is more often than not), you’ll eventually see lime leeching out from the water buildup on the backside of it. Unfortunately, no amount of paint will be able to seal it up. But there is a simple fix! Grab a squirt bottle and fill it with vinegar to neutralize the lime. You’ll notice that it will disappear in a couple days.

If you’re thinking about building a garden wall, or retaining wall and have questions, give us a call! We’d be happy to help with any preventative measures before it’s too late.